We often resist life when it shows up in unfamiliar ways. Like a slug that curls up in response to external provocation, we, too, can hide seeking protection. We get smaller, hold still, and hope the "danger" passes by as we remain unseen. But life isn't the predator from which you need to hide. When it [...]

Most humans tend to be creatures of habit. While a sense of comfort may be found in the familiar, the best parts of who one is or can be remain hidden. Most often it is disruption that reveals other dimensions. Changing circumstances shed light on aspects of character not yet revealed. Rather than resist, moving beyond [...]

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Are you satisfied with your life as it is? If not, there's only one place to look. Well...there are several places to look but only one that matters. Inward. Your inner journey is the key to your outer experience. Self-discovery is a turning point. The difference between then & now. (Tweet this.) If you haven't bothered [...]