Much time is spent being overly concerned with perfect outcomes. For example, a bride engrossed with minute details may fail to enjoy the wedding. Or consider the stage parent obsessed with their child's execution, that they miss the delight in the performance. To strive for excellence is admirable. However, it becomes problematic when the pursuit [...]

Unspoken truth can be incredibly heavy. When you bottle up what needs to be said, it takes a toll on well-being. Whether it's through professional help, a support group or a trusted friend, finding a safe space to unload relieves the burden of your silence. Sharing your deepest truth is not only an act of [...]

It's often said that it only matters what you think of yourself. However, if the way you are seen is much more forgiving than the way you see yourself, it might warrant a second look.  Your perspective can be unduly harsh due to the lens you wear. It's tainted by your stories about yourself and [...]

  Some days, you're more attuned than others. Sometimes, it's a moment to moment affair. And in those times when attunement wavers, comes the experience of worry, doubt, fear, envy, insecurity, boredom, stagnancy, unhappiness and even hatred. Consider each of these states nothing more than a craving for connection. Whether in the form of connecting [...]

Through challenges, we test the limits of our courage and strength. However, we have a tendency to think of pain as the "best" teacher. What we are subconsciously telling ourselves is that, life must be hard if we are to learn anything. While our painful experiences hold valuable lessons, pain does not have a monopoly [...]

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Most of us try to do and say the so-called right things. We do our best to "fit in" as society often asks of us because on the surface, it appears to be the simplest route. But "going with the flow" isn't easygoing when the flow has no actual fluidity. External dictates are rigid and leave little [...]

Who you engage and how you engage them is of consequence in your moment to moment experience. Every interaction is an energy exchange and rarely are they neutral. We are undeniably entangled and to maintain and enhance your reserves depends on your level of conscious engagement. That is not to say that each interaction must [...]

Children have no problem living in a make-believe world. And the sheer joy with which they experience and recount their experiences is nothing short of contagious. But there inevitably comes a time where we are shamed for dreaming. And as a society we dismiss dreamers for having their "heads in the clouds" or "dreaming their lives [...]

When our triggers are set off, rationale is nowhere to be found. But over time, one can learn to become attuned to rising emotion or, at least, associated sensations in the body. With that practice of presence, grace is granted. Even in the space of one breath, everything can change. When we feel provoked, that space allows [...]