Through challenges, we test the limits of our courage and strength. However, we have a tendency to think of pain as the "best" teacher. What we are subconsciously telling ourselves is that, life must be hard if we are to learn anything. While our painful experiences hold valuable lessons, pain does not have a monopoly [...]

Ideally, the majority of time would be spent in the space of joy while intermittently attending to necessary tasks. Unfortunately, many of us have our lives set up in a way that disregards our needs. We spend a lot of time taking care of tasks before we can attend to ourselves. These joyless patterns keep us [...]

An odd thing happened the other day. In the midst of a snow storm, a flock of robins decided to take up temporary residence on my street. They sang loudly, kept diving at steep angles, and seemed to be enjoying themselves as the snow steadily came down. The juxtaposition of the spring-like joy in the middle [...]