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When Dreams are Realized

45759-Follow-Your-Dreams-They-Know-The-WayPursuing a dream can be scary. Having that dream realized can be even scarier.

It’s easy to think that the grass will be greener on the other side and it some ways it will. However, moving into that new space can be disconcerting. The questions will start to come:

“Can I do this?”
“Am I really ready for this?”
“Am I worthy of this?”

Those are the signs of your armor shattering. Your previous shell must break in order for you to expand. As a result you will feel unprotected when actualizing a dream. But remember this:

The willingness to be vulnerable will carry you to new levels. (Tweet this.)

Walk into it knowing that you are on the right path.

What do you think?

  • Pam June 3, 2014, 11:38 am

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m in the process of preparing for an interview for a new job tomorrow that could lead to growth in my current field of work but simultaneously, I am considering a new career path altogether in the health/wellness/fitness industry that holds my current passion. So do I go for two dreams simultaneously? Possibilities are endless and I think I can have both. We shall see what comes of my interview tomorrow. If that doesn’t pan out, I will then most definitely pursue the career change. *shrugs* Why not, right?

    • emelia June 3, 2014, 12:02 pm

      It’s a beautiful thing when the possibilities open up. Your energy feels optimistic for both paths. Sounds like you can’t lose either way. Good luck on the next phase and come back and let me know how it turned out. Thanks for your comment, Pam. :)

  • Anita June 3, 2014, 2:56 pm

    Well, I received one of my wishes. The office where I worked was sold, we received a great severance package, I have the summer paid, and I can go to school. I was so miserable for so long, then I learned how to change myself and my thinking so it was ok, then, great! It ended. It is amazing though, that I still feel as though I am spinning my wheels. It has been a month and I still have not written a current resume, am not sure what direction for schooling. Sadly I feel I am hard on myself to “get things done” along with a bit of worrying drizzled on top. I am so so so grateful I for all the positive thinking work I have done.
    It has pulled me through this far, because reality is, that no matter what, there still is negative thoughts and stuff that happens that have to be dealt with, it just passes more quickly with good thinking skills.
    Yoga and meditation help a lot, I have been meditating for clear guidance for direction and a transition that makes sense with ease. I want the “should do”and “have to do’s” be what I want to do. I’m going to play in my garden and trust that faith will prevail. Or that a plan will pop into my head while I’m growing food to eat. Thanks! My daughter and I love the messages you send.

    • emelia June 3, 2014, 4:56 pm

      Sounds like you’re on the path,Anita, even when it’s a little confusing. But you’re right. Thinking skills are crucial. It doesn’t cancel less than optimal things from sometimes happening but it sure helps the coping and acceptance process.

      I have no doubt that what you need to do will rise to the surface and you’ll get the alignment you’re seeking (and deserve). Thank you so much for leaving your comment. Much love to you and your daughter. :)

  • Cynthia June 3, 2014, 4:30 pm

    Sometimes I feel like I have put my entire life on eternal hold. When will I do what I want to do? Sad thing is I don’t know what I want to do. But I know for sure it is not the life I am living.

    • emelia June 3, 2014, 5:01 pm

      I’ve been there, Cynthia. You’re actually further along than where I was initially. I didn’t even realize my life *was* on hold. I was just going through the motions and wondering why I felt sad all the time.

      For me, I had to look back at the things I did naturally…even when I was a kid. I put writing on hold for years even though words were my first love. You may not consciously know, but there have probably been hints of it over the years. Just remember, the truth of who you are has always been with you. Sometimes, it just takes a little time to peel off the layers so you recognize your own light.

      The light is there and you will shine, Cynthia. Believe that. <3

  • crumb June 5, 2014, 4:34 am

    Really nice! Recently made a move to attempt chipping at a huge boulder in my owntiny life,felt all the doubt the vulnerability, even though I need no thing short of a miracle your words are so positive :) thanks could I ask for the first email with the attachment to be sent again please? Seems to have been deleted

    • emelia June 5, 2014, 8:42 am

      Good for you. Sending some positive energy towards said miracle. Just sent the attachment. Let me know if you have any problems. :)

  • Ryan Biddulph June 7, 2014, 11:49 pm

    Being comfortable with being uncomfy has helped me live some neat dreams 😉 Thanks Emelia!

    • emelia June 8, 2014, 8:23 am

      I see, Ryan! You certainly live what you talk about. Being good with uncertainty has brought you some unique experiences. Not sure about the tigers, but I’ll definitely take the travel! :)


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