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Work In Progress: Removing the Thorns 10/29/12

work_in_progressAt first, I thought the following posts would be a departure from what I usually write. However, the more I think about it, the more it seems highly appropriate to discuss these topics. The umbrella I work under is that of being a “work in progress.”  To present myself as a work in progress is the most authentic act that I can possibly offer.

As I move through my life, I more deeply comprehend the divine contract I once made. I believe that before we incarnate, there is some agreement made as to what kind of life we enter.  Our inherent circumstances are somehow designed to teach the lessons we agreed to learn.

As it stands now, I feel my given traits of being Black and being a woman are coming to the forefront as they never have before.

Restlessness has settled upon me over the last few weeks, if not months. My mind has been in overdrive and my emotions have run the spectrum. Fortunately, I have been able to not get caught in the whirlwind but observe it as it passes. Concurrently, I have had many memories resurface that I haven’t thought about in years.

I feel as if many of my experiences are resurfacing because they are relevant to the messages I am compelled to share at this very volatile time. I’m struggling to make it all coherent as the themes of race, gender, prejudice, and uncertainty weave their way through much of the current American climate.

If you know my heart, then you know my intention is not to be divisive in any way. If you have never read any of my work before, then let me reassure you that I see myself as being a connector. I think there are too many false divides that separate us from our truest selves and therefore separate us from each other. Divides being race, religion, politics, culture…all the triggers we often try to avoid.

rose-thorns2It’s so much easier to shield your broken parts from being further disturbed. Author, Michael A. Singer, speaks of removing our thorns. Our thorns represent our “sore spots.”  We can protect our thorns so people can’t touch them and cause further pain or we can choose to boldly take the thorns out.

I think when it comes to these sensitive topics I’ve been hiding my thorns. In the midst of this political race, it has become impossible for me to hide them any longer. I’m ready to confront my thorns and hope you’ll accompany me on the journey and remove a few of your own.

I want to be part of the balm that soothes the tender spots we all have. All I can do is relate my experiences and observations. I hope to convey them in a way that isn’t accusatory or insensitive. I only hope that my honesty can help others to see themselves more clearly as I strive to do the same.

It is not my intention to sway people in their personal stances, but it is my intention to encourage people to let go of the ugliness that has attached itself to our ideological differences.  We have to get conscious if we are going to advance.

Remember, we’re all works in progress.

What do you think?

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